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5 Investing Mistakes Women Commonly Make

Thinking about investment can make a lot of us dizzy. Investment decisions aren’t easy and require a lot of contemplation. Women, especially, are believed to be less risk-taking when it comes to an investment than men. Among other reasons, not having adequate and updated financial knowledge is one of the reasons women tend to stay away from investing or make mistakes.

However, with the changing world dynamics and recession upon us, it is now more important than ever to remain up-to-date with the financial market and make decisions that could change the course of your life. 

Some of the common investing mistakes that women make are explored in this article. Learn about them to avoid these pitfalls and gain confidence and positive momentum for reaching your financial goals. 

Why is investment important for women? 

importance of investment

Financial freedom empowers you to make life choices as you will, not depend on anyone for your needs, and not wait for anyone to help you afford your favourite things. 

While savings can help you achieve that freedom to some extent, they don’t last long. Alternatively, investment is the best option for women to secure their future. It will empower them financially and help them build a lifestyle of their choice, free of financial constraints or worries. 

5 common investing mistakes women make

do's and don'ts of investment

Trying to time the market 

Investors who practice market timing aim to purchase equities just as their prices are about to increase and sell them just as they are about to decline.

Although this tactic is excellent in principle, it is difficult to make it work consistently in practice, rendering it an unprofitable investment technique. Some investors have been successful this way, but for the majority, consistently making large gains by timing the market is a pipe dream. Acing market timing is not easily achievable. 

Not thinking big enough 

Play the long game when investing. Thinking of the bigger picture when making an investment decision is important. Plan strategically with the context of your financial circumstances and keep an eye out for the long-term benefit. 

To focus on the immediate returns when investing is a common mistake that can lead you to ball out your investments in case of no instant gains. Wait a time of almost a few years from now to enjoy the maximum profit of your investments. 

Not setting investment goals 

Goals without active planning are mere dreams. Studies have demonstrated the significance of setting goals in reaching financial success. Goals provide you clarity regarding what you want and how you want it. They help lay down a clear and specific action plan while also injecting microdoses of motivation with each milestone achieved. 

Investment goals are important to achieve your financial dreams. Without setting investment goals, you will most likely make wrong decisions. Moreover, having investment goals in place can help you confidently take the first step (however small it may be) toward something that feels alien. Set realistic goals to determine the course of action, including how, when, and where to invest your money. 

Not giving it enough time

invest time in investment

Time is crucial when it comes to investing. To optimise your earnings and maximise profit, you should keep investments for as long as possible. A common mistake observed among women investors is that they sell their investments before growing their money, typically within a few days or weeks.

There is no chance for investment return if you don’t let it grow at its own pace. The return alone wouldn’t be complete without some roadblocks along the way, so  consistency and patience is the key. Avoiding this mistake is important if you want to enjoy the fruits of your investment.

Following the crowd instead of having a plan

This investment rule is simple; don’t ever blindly follow anyone who has different financial circumstances than you. Following the advice of those least aware of your financial situation can lead to wrong decisions that take you nowhere. 

For instance, you could feel influenced by someone on social media to invest in a certain business, but you might be unaware of their financial situation and investment plans. Chucking money at something because someone else is advertising the profit they are making from a certain investment may not help you in the long run. Plan your investment strategy according to your budget, goals, and preferences before you begin looking at what others around you are doing. 

Key Takeaways 

  1. Set clear, realistic, and achievable investment goals. 
  2. Do not invest without an actionable plan. 
  3. Wait an adequate time for maximum profits. 
  4. Focus on the bigger picture, which entails profit in the long run instead of immediate gains. 
  5. Do not follow every other person you see flexing their investment gains. Have a customised plan that is tailored to your own goals. 

Smart decisions and adequate financial knowledge is the ultimate key to financial freedom.